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Air Force Recruiter: Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC is the Reserve Officer Training Corps program of the United States Air Force in colleges to recruit and educate the commissioned officers. Air Force ROTC is an elective part of the college curriculum and interested students can enroll for the same. They are later absorbed into the United States Air Force.

ROTC classes are available at over 600 US Colleges and universities. Courses range from aviation, nursing, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, chemistry, engineering, public relations, finance, law, intelligence, psychology, transportation and many more. The focuses are on developing the leadership qualities, problem-solving abilities, planning strategies and instill the professional ethics so that the students are able to meet the challenges of the world. They can also later have a say in shaping the Army’s future as an officer in the United States Army.

To enroll in a Air Force ROTC program the individual should be a US citizen of over 17 years of age. He/she should have an excellent academic record and be ready to appear for the SAT or ACT in the month of November of the same year. Enrolling in the course is not a commitment to serve in the United States Army unless he/she receives and avails the scholarship for the course.

Army ROTC, the single largest source of scholarship money in the US, offers tuition and fees up to $68,000, annual living expenses up to $4,000 plus an annual allowance for books to thousands of needy students. The 2, 3 or 4 years scholarship is strictly on merit and the family financial status is not a point for consideration. High school seniors could get a three or 4 year advanced designee scholarship while college freshmen could get a three-year scholarship. Such cadets need to enter into a contract to serve the United States Army for a certain decided period.

Selected ROTC candidates can serve part time in the United States Army Reserve or National Guard and pursue a civilian career at the same time. Army and Air Force students are cadets and Navy students of either sex are midshipmen.

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